The New Puppies

Having breast reconstruction surgery is a lot like getting a new puppy.  Who doesn’t like puppies?  Who doesn’t like boobs?   It’s exiting to welcome a new puppy to the home.  You know it will change things but you hope it’s going to be for the better.

The decision to do reconstructive surgery and the decision to get a puppy have many similarities.  When you first decide to add a new puppy to your life you do some research and try to decide the best breed is for you.  Picking out your new boobs is a freakishly similar process.  Would you like your boobs made out of silicone, saline, or your own tissue?  There are pro’s and con’s to each of the options just as there are to the many breeds of dogs.

The length of time it will take to train the dog is important as is the length of time you want to devote to recovering from surgery.  The amount of maintenance and upkeep you want to invest in varies as much with which method of reconstruction you choose as it does with the breed of dog you pick.

With a dog, you hope to get one that matches your personality and lifestyle.  What breed is the right size for your house and yard?  With boobs, you ask similar questions.  What size is right for you?  Do you want to be the size you were? A size larger or smaller?  What are your options?  In both cases,  you make your best educated guess, commit, and hope for the best.

After all, once you bring the puppy home, you’re stuck with it for the next 15 (or more) years.  This is also true of breast implants.  In both cases there’s a good chance they will pass in your lifetime and you’re going to have to decide what to do then.  But that’s more then a decade down the road.

In a worst case scenario, when it comes to a dog, if it doesn’t work out you have the option to re-home it.  When it comes to your choice of doing the reconstruction, there are no take-backs.  I suppose there are more surgeries you could have to try and fix something if it goes wrong, but like having to re-home a dog, it comes at a cost.

Reconstruction is a major step toward recovery.*   Breast reconstruction is the stage where you are ready to start healing.  You take stock of all you’ve been through and choose to welcome in new energy.   Of course, just when your life was starting to get back to normal this means one more surgery which means more pain, more scares, more risk of infection.  Just like a puppy, it’s going to be a bit of work at first.

Hopefully, all goes well and you make fast friends.  With any luck you’ll be bringing the puppy out for a walk and resuming normal life before you know it. Yes, new puppies are an exciting new adventure.

Fingers crossed it all goes well.


*I should also note that choosing NOT to get a dog is also an option.  There is nothing wrong with that.  There are plenty of cat people in this world.

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